Whoopdwhoop.comis your all-in-one arts and crafts resource on the web. After all, not only do we feature the latest happenings in the world of DIY and homemade artistic endeavors, we also give you a chance to be part of an online community composed of people like you – the very ones who live and breathe art. If you’re new here though, you probably have one question in mind – what exactly does this blog offer?  Check out our list of features below and surely, you’ll be amazed.

News on the Hottest Products

Yes, we bring you the newest updates on the hottest DIY offerings. Whether you’re thinking of getting new shears or you’re looking for a special kind of board, you’ll surely find something interesting in our blog. Even though we don’t actually sell any of the products we feature here, rest assured that you’ll at least get a bit more information on what you’re looking for – and most importantly, you’ll find out whether there’s finally a better alternative to what you have. If, on the other hand, you’re not looking for something in particular, our news section should still capture your interest – there are so many things to find in there that you might end up having a list of “must buys” after browsing for an hour or two.

Spotlight on Community Creations

It’s no secret that our blog really shines when it comes to featuring community creations. Well, that shouldn’t be surprising at all since we encourage artists, crafters, and DIY ersa like to show the world what they’ve got. It’s through this sharing of works (and masterpieces) that you’ll be able to gather important insights – you’ll find out whether there are actually easier ways to achieve what you’ve done, and you’ll also know whether you’ve actually developed a never-before-seen technique that’s superior to all existing methods. There’s no denying that you will get another thing that’s truly crucial if you wish to continue your artistic pursuits – praise from the very people who understand and share your goals and aspirations.

Varied Tutorials and Discussions

While you will surely pick up some things while you’re reading the latest community-creations feature, doing so won’t be enough to broaden your set of skills. You need something else – you need actual tutorials and discussions on specific crafting techniques. Since we fully understand that need (and given that we’re more than eager to expand our repertoire of methods as well), we dedicated an entire section of our blog to guides. We also have a discussion section where you can ask questions as well as provide answers. This blog isn’t just about us – it’s about the entire community of arts-and-crafts enthusiasts, so it’s only fitting that we have these collaboration-driven features. We’re excited to see your contributions, questions, and suggestions.

Giving all the Reviews You Need

Of course, it’s also important for us to do something on our own to help out. That’s why we also feature reviews on Whoopdwhoop.com, encompassing both products and stores. You’ll no longer have to rely on random ratings posted on the web (for all you know, those might be cleverly-constructed attempts at convincing you to make a purchase). In relation to that, if ever we’re paid to write a review about a product or a store, we won’t hesitate to let you know (transparency is necessary to build and maintain trust, after all). Still, even if we’re paid to review something, we will remain impartial. Why? We don’t need such additional income to survive – we won’t hesitate to let the world know that a product is bad, if it really is.

Have Something Else in Mind?

While the blog already has an assortment of features, we’re always eager to give it a few more. If you have any new feature in mind or if you believe that you’ve found something that’s clearly missing from our blog, don’t think twice – get in touch with us and tell us about it. How exactly? Well, you could always send us an email or you could simply post a comment on any article on the blog. Rest assured that we check for new comments daily so we won’t miss yours. If you’re someone who’s business-minded and you’ve thought of something that will be mutually beneficial, know that we’re open to collaborations – especially in terms of placing ads and links. Well, you know how to contact us so pitch away.

There’s One More Thing Though

Truth be told, this blog has one more feature that you haven’t learned about – it has its very own testimonials page. Once you’ve settled in and have spent a few days or weeks exploring what we have to offer, please write us a review. To do that, you’ll only have to visit the Testimonials Section of the blog and fill in the form (don’t forget to provide all the necessary details). We won’t force you to provide us with a glaringly-positive review or testimonial – that will just make us look dubious to other people’s eyes. We appreciate balanced assessments. Don’t hesitate to bring up our best points, and afterwards mention the areas in which we’re lacking. You don’t have to be gentle – we appreciate honesty more than anything else.

Now that you’ve learned about Whoopdwhoop.com’s key features, there’s only one thing for you to do – explore the blog and find out whether it satisfies your needs, piques your interest, and keeps you coming back for more.

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