Privacy collects information for various reasons, including, but not limited to, the following:
•    Determining appropriate advertisements for users
•    Improving the overall function of the blog
•    Enhancing user experience
•    Ensuring that security is maintained at all times
•    Analyzing demographics and usage patterns

While we collect information for these reasons, rest assured that we do not sell your personal details. Our partners, however, may receive information about our readers or visitors – but they will never be given personally-identifiable data.

Kinds of Information Collected

We mainly acquire your name and email, particularly during the non-mandatory sign-up process. This means that even if you do not sign up, you may still continue to use our blog without actually providing us with any specific information.Do take note though, that many customization options and user-preference settings cannot be changed without signing up.

Also, whether you are logged-in or not, as long as you click on any social media button (to like or share a post), you provide us with data regarding your usage. Personally-identifiable information may or may not be gathered in this process. It is best to refer to the specifics of the social media platform you chose to use for liking or sharing a particular post, or the entire blog.

Information We Send to You

If you signed up, whether as a member or merely for the newsletter, take note that we may send you messages directly through your email address. Such messages will typically contain updates regarding our blog (such as new posts, trending news, and new features). There may be instances though, in which we will send you promotional offers from one of our partners. If you do not wish to receive such offers, you have the option to unsubscribe.

On Information You Provide

Given that our blog allows for both non-logged-on and logged-on users to access most, if not all, areas, you always have the option to provide us with information. For example, if you’re posting a comment to a post or article, you may be required to provide some basic information in order to continue. While we require such for the sake of preventing spam posts (and to potentially block users that engage in illegal or unacceptable activities), we may also use the information you provide for advertising purposes. In relation to what was previously mentioned, we may provide such data to our partners and we also use the information for streamlining purposes.

Actions Deemed Unacceptable

As we’ve mentioned, we do not allow unacceptable or illegal actions on our blog. To guide you and to help you identify users who should be reported, here’s a list of things that we do not want on our website:

•    Hate words or speech
•    Anything of graphic nature
•    Sexual content
•    Monetized links
•    Spam
•    Malware or adware
•    Personal attacks

Keep in mind that this list may be changed or updated without prior notice, meaning all users, members, or visitors should interact and comment with proper conduct in mind – in all possible aspects or meanings of the term.

Cookies and Your Actions

Much like any other blog, makes use of cookies to track member of visitor actions. This is primarily done to track and predict traffic information, as well as to assess the current demographics of readers. We would like to guarantee though, that we will never require users to store cookies on their respective computers or internet-enable devices. If you would like to turn off this feature, please refer to your browser’s manual or FAQ regarding cookie-use. In most cases, you will only have to access the options or preferences page of your browser and from there, move to the privacy section to find the tickbox for disabling or storing cookies.

We will greatly appreciate it if you’d keep such a feature enabled, for it helps us (and our partners) understand your needs and preferences better. In short, having such a feature left on will eventually lead to improvements on our blog, specifically the kind you will surely appreciate.

Third-party Links and Sites

As you may notice while you explore our blog, we feature advertisements and links that redirect you to other sites. While we do our best to ensure that the links and ads on our blog are of good quality and are related content-wise to our features and posts, we shall not be held liable for any links or ads featured here that eventually harm your device or negatively affect your privacy. After all, these redirects come with their own policies on privacy. To be certain that you’re visiting a safe website, please follow the necessary precautions (such as installing plug-ins against phishing and malware, and running security suites that protect you as you surf the web).

On Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You may contact us through email or through the comments box. If you’ve signed up to be member, you may send your queries through our blog’s private messaging system. We also appreciate suggestions and recommendations, and it would help us a lot if you tell about anything we might have missed in our privacy policy.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that this page may change without prior notice (although we will do our best to send notices in advance if ever there are major changes to be made).

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